CHAT: Coping with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania

This grant, funded by NIMH in 2007, is a prospective observational study that seeks to understand the psychosocial factors (depression, coping styles, trauma history) that influence HIV medication adherence and health outcomes in Tanzania. Twelve hundred patients have been enrolled in the study, and include HIV positive patients from infectious disease clinics, patients with newly diagnosed HIV infection, and HIV negative individuals recruited from community-based voluntary counseling and testing programs.

Patients are interviewed every 6 months by local, home-based care workers and interviewers about psychosocial (e.g., coping with illness, trauma and sexual risk taking) and emotional health. Clinical assessments for HIV positive participants examine viral loads, medication adherence and other health variables. Moreover, the study seeks to identify intervention points to optimize HIV medication adherence and health outcomes in a resource-poor sub-Saharan African setting.

  • Grant Number: R01MH078756
  • Effective Dates: 2007-2013
  • Funder: National Institute of Mental Health – NIH