Evaluation of a Tunisian Cash Transfer Program for Education

The CHPIR research team is conducting a UNICEF-sponsored evaluation of a state-led cash transfer program meant to improve educational attendance and outcomes among school-age children in Tunisia.  In addition to compiling existing data from national ministries, the project will collect and analyze primary data on multiple levels to paint a clearer picture of the current administration, objectives, targeting, implementation, monitoring, and impact of the cash transfer program. CHPIR entered into an evaluation consultancy with UNICEF Tunisia, Tunisia’s ministries of Education, Social Affairs, and Families and Children, and other stakeholders in Tunisia, to evaluate a program that provides needy families with cash transfers for children in school.  The proposed evaluation assesses the socio-economic targeting of the educational cash transfer program, estimates its impact on children’s educational outcomes, and provides practical recommendations for enhancing the program’s effectiveness.  The project period is Jul 2013-Mar 2014.  The evaluation is conducted in consultation with partners at UNC Chapel Hill, Berea College in Kentucky, Harvard University, and EHESP French School of Public Health. Activities began with the acquisition and analysis of existing data, the development of a poverty model, and the collection of qualitative data from program stakeholders about the objectives and implementation of the program.

PI: Jan Ostermann

Research Analyst: Andrew Weinhold

Grant number: UNICEF:  SSA/JDNA/2011/00000237 -0

Effective Dates: 6/14/13 – 3/29/14