Carolina Alcohol and Drug Resources (CADRE)

CADRE (Carolina Alcohol and Drug Resources) is a federally funded substance abuse service and research study for minority MSM at risk for HIV and individuals living with HIV. CADRE provides clients 18-months of treatment based on the harm reduction model, emphasizes the development of skills and support networks to help clients continue their recovery after participation in the program has ended. In addition to substance abuse treatment, participants receive peer support and case coordination services. CADRE recognizes the stigma associated with HIV, substance use, and mental health, and the unique service needs at the intersection of these diseases.

For questions about CADRE, give us a call.  

Sara LeGrand- 919.438.0448 (Durham site)

Susan Reif- 704.258.7111 (Charlotte site)
  • The mission of Provided Services Organization (PSO) is to partner with consumers in reaching their highest potential by providing a range of effective mental health and substance abuse services. Within the CADRE program, PSO provides individual and group substance abuse counseling, support services through a care coordinator, and houses our peer navigator for participants receiving services in the Charlotte NC area. Together they provide comprehensive services to support the holistic needs of clients to meet their treatment goals. CADRE staff at PSO include: Tara Foster-Robinson, counselor; Makebia Rorie, case coordinator; Richard Mills, peer navigator
  • The mission of Carolinas CARE Partnership is to foster and ensure a regional approach to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS, and to meet with compassion and dignity the needs of those affected by these diseases. Carolina CARE Partnership provides HIV and hepatitis C (HCV) testing in Charlotte that aims to reach minority men who have sex with men (MSM) who are at higher risk of contracting HIV.
  • Lisa Hightow-Weidman, MD, MPH works with the CADRE program providing guidance on substance abuse treatment, outreach, recruitment, and testing for minority men who have sex with men. Dr. Hightow-Weidman has worked for nearly a decade with HIV positive and HIV negative minority MSM in North Carolina.
  • Feasibility and acceptability of delivering an Internet intervention to young Black men who have sex with men 
  • Durham Principal Investigator – Sara LeGrand
  • Charlotte Principal Investigator – Susan Reif
  • Care Coordinator – Mary Butler
  • Behavioral Health Provider – Amy Carmen
  • Interviewer – Chris Foye
  • Psychiatrist – Paolo Mannelli
  • Behavioral Health Provider – Keith McAdam
  • Psychiatrist – Ashwin Patkar
  • Durham Project Coordinator – Beth Stringfield
  • Charlotte Project Coordinator – Elena Wilson
  • Funder: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • Grant Number: TI024350
  • Dates: September 30, 2012 – September 29, 2017
  • CADRE is the next generation in a long line of research projects serving the substance abuse and mental health needs of those living with HIV in Durham, North Carolina.