Post-Doctoral Research Associate


David Eagle’s research focuses on social inequality, the sociology of religion, and statistics and quantitative methods. He studies the institutional barriers that perpetuate racial inequalities in economic attainment, the relationship between mental and physical health, and how social change impacts the expression of religion. He has an ongoing interest in studying the challenges of using survey research to study individual attitudes and behaviors.


Ph.D. in Sociology, Duke University, 2015

M.A. in Sociology, Duke University, 2011

Th.M., Duke Divinity School, 2009

M.Div., Fresno Pacific Seminary

B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta, 1997


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Eagle, David E. 2012. “Mega, medium and mini: size and the socio-economic status composition of American Protestant congregations.” Research in the Sociology of Work, 23:281-307. Winner: NC Sociological Association Graduate Student Paper Award.

Eagle, David E. 2011. “The loosening bond of religion on Canadian society: a comment on Bibby.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 50(4): 838-839.

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Current Projects: Clergy Health Initiative (http://divinity.duke.edu/initiatives-centers/clergy-health-initiative)


Website (including a current CV): www.davideagle.org

Contact: david.eagle@duke.edu

Phone: 919-613-5497