Kimberly Walker

    • Position: Associate Director of CHPIR
    • Education: BA, Psychology; BA, African American Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2000

    Kimberly Walker’s (she/her/hers) main function as Associate Director is to develop outreach to Deans and Department Chairs throughout the University and to individual faculty members wishing to conduct health policy related research.  Mrs. Walker also plays an advisory role in staff-related issues and currently ensures that CHPIR administration is in line with the Center’s strategic goals.  She has been the point person during the administrative transition of DGHI and assists DGHI Associate Director for Finance and Administration, with decisions and supervision of staff jointly shared between DGHI and CHPIR.  The additional 25% of her effort includes facilitating various Center meetings, writing Center and other reports, and oversight of domestic projects.  Mrs. Walker serves in grant-funded positions as Co-Principal Investigator of the North Carolina Community Health Fund, which focuses on fundraising and distributing funds statewide to organizations initiating or maintaining HIV programs, and the Positive Charge Initiative, where Persons Living With HIV/AIDS serve as Access Coordinators reaching out to those who are positive but are not accessing HIV medical care services.  She coordinates educational events for clinicians across the state with the NC AIDS Education and Training Center.  As a member of the Duke Center for AIDS Research Social Behavioral Science Corp (CFAR SBS) where she focuses on community engagement and dissemination, and most recently as a liaison between fellows and faculty with the Health Disparities Fellows Program.

    • Email: [email protected]
    • Phone: (919)613.5465
    • Fax: (919)613.5466
    • Office: 310 Trent Dr., Suite 305, Durham, NC 27710