Nov 01

Caregiver Study

The Caregiver Flourishing study’s aim is to understand how caregivers sustain emotional engagement, derive satisfaction, and maintain positive mental health through different virtuous/religious practices.  The study defines positive mental health as the combination of positive mood/emotions, as well as the ability to function well. By functioning well, they refer to... read more →
Oct 27
Mar 08
Mar 08
Feb 22

CHPIR Hiring for New Administrative and Research Assistant to the Director

The Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research is currently hiring for an Administrative and Research Assistant to the Director position. Interested applicants should apply through the HR careers website at Duke University ( and search using requisition number 401067747 and send a cover letter and resume to
Jan 27

New MACH Pilot Proposal Grant Announced

The Maternal, Adolescent, and Child Health committee at DGHI announced another round of pilot proposal grants. The Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI) invites interdisciplinary teams to submit research proposals in the area of Global Maternal, Adolescent and Child Health (MACH). Maternal, Adolescent and Child Health is a research priority for... read more →
Dec 01

Susan Reif’s Op-Ed in The News & Observer

Susan Reif's newly published report Deep South Has the Highest HIV-elated Death Rates in the United South is gaining more press. Susan Reif, a Research Associate at CHPIR, and Carolyn McAllaster, a clinical professor at Duke University School of Law, wrote an op-ed for The News & Observer in honor... read more →
Oct 19
Oct 01

Sara LeGrand, Kathryn Whetten and team publish article on HIV and trauma

Sara LeGrand, Kathryn Whetten, and team recently published an article in Behavioral-Bio-Medical Interface: Current HIV/AIDS Reports. The study researched if traumatic experiences are associated with negative health and behavioral outcomes. The findings conclude that people living with HIV who have experienced traumatic events experience lower rates of HIV disclosure and... read more →
Oct 01

MACH Symposium Success!

The Maternal, Adolescent, and Child Health working group at the Duke Global Health Institute hosted the first MACH symposium on September 28, 2015 entitled Transforming Global Maternal, Adolescent, and Child Health: From Research Evidence to Practice and Policy. Ann Starrs from the Guttmacher Institute was one of the keynote speakers... read more →