P3: Prepared, Protected, emPowered: Improving PrEP Uptake and Adherence among Adolescent and Young MSM

An interactive smartphone app for HIV-uninfected YMSM that utilizes social networking and game-based mechanics as well as a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes “best practices” in app development to improve PrEP adherence, retention in PrEP clinical care, and PrEP persistence among young MSM ages 16-24. In this 4-year study, 240 YMSM between the ages of 16-24 initiating PrEP will be randomized to P3, P3+ (app intervention plus adherence counseling delivered by a counselor through the app) or standard of care for routine PrEP support as recommended in the CDC guidelines.

PI: Sara LeGrand

Funder: NIH – Adolescent Medical Trials Network of HIV/AIDS Interventions – Research Grant Program grant to UNC – Chapel Hill and Emory University, subaward to Duke University

Project dates: 7/1/17 – 6/30/21