Test Rehearsal: Maximizing the HIV Testing Experience for YMSM

Our project “Test Rehearsal: Maximizing the HIV Testing Experience for YMSM,” will create a secure, internet-delivered software program, available by mobile devise that will offer character-driven realistic scenarios that are engaging, interactive, ecologically sensitive, and user-centric in content and design allowing youth to actively experience the HIV testing process in a non-threatening and non-stigmatizing environment. Test Rehearsal is theoretically grounded within the Information, Motivation and Behavioral (IMB) model and will be a novel and high impact prevention tool to address the lack of uptake of HIV testing among YMSM 14-19 years of age.

PI: Sara LeGrand

Funder: NIH – SBIR Phase I grant to Virtually Better, Inc, subaward to Duke University

Project dates: 6/1/16 – 5/31/17