Brian Goings

    • Position: Program Coordinator and Health Care Navigator

    Brian (he/him/his) started his HIV career at the age of 14 by volunteering at the Pitt County AIDS Service Organization (PiCASO) as a youth advocate. He then went on to attend college where he brought HIV/AIDS awareness programs on the campus of Appalachian State University. After college while obtaining his MBA, he served on  the Board of PiCASO for a year before he was asked to become the Vice President of the Board. After two years in this position he became the President-Executive Director for the agency. During this time he pursued and was awarded his MPH and eventually stepped down to fulfill a vacant position with the agency. He was the PrEP Specialist, and Outreach Coordinator. He moved to Raleigh and became the MSM Outreach Specialist with the Alliance of AIDS Services-Carolina and now he is the Project Coordinator for the Style 2.0 project under the leadership of Sarah LeGrand and Heather Parnell. He has worked with Duke before with the Duke PrEP Clinic becoming the face for a few ads. He has run support groups within the community, sat on public forms, and has made conference presentations all surrounding HIV advocacy, future leaders in HIV advocacy, HIV education, and PrEP awareness.

    • Email: [email protected]
    • Phone: (919)613.5430
    • Fax: (919)613.5466
    • Office: 310 Trent Dr., Suite 305, Durham, NC 27710