Kelly Keefe

    • Position: Project Coordinator
    • Education: BS, Healthcare Management, Northeastern University, 2016

    As of October 2016, she has been working as a Project Coordinator for the Hep ART II study, which is an integrated treatment model for persons with hepatitis C that drink alcohol.  Kelly is also responsible for recruiting, consenting, and conducting interviews with hepatitis C positive individuals in the Duke and Durham VA liver clinics.  She will be starting the Sabbath Living Project evaluation in May 2017, which is a comparison design of clergy who complete a Sabbath-keeping workshop and go on to keep Sabbath regularly and those who do not- she is very excited to start this new study!

    In addition to her work, she is also a graduate student seeking to obtain her Master’s in Healthcare Administration with a concentration in Project Management.  She is able to do this online through Colorado State University, and anticipates graduating in March 2018.  Kelly used to be an equine breeding specialist and manager and loves all animals.  She can usually be found walking her dog in the woods, brushing her horse, or hanging out with her cat reading a (text!) book.