Action. Skills. Knowledge. 4 Care (ASK4Care)

  • A peer-driven HIV testing and retention in care program that build patients’ HIV knowledge and communication skills to help them prioritize HIV care and be a more active participant in their own health care.

    ASK 4 Care was designed from the lessons of the NC Positive Charge Initiative (PCI) and a Duke Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) service-based research study, ASK 4 Care includes eight modules that help clients engaged in medical care to become more active in their own health care: HIV 101, Communication with your medical care provider, Social support and disclosure, Goal setting, Understanding viral load, CD4, opportunistic infections, and sexually transmitted diseases, HIV medications and adherence, Self care and coping skills, and Mental health and substance use. Two additional modules use text messaging, an effective means to reach people of lower socio-economic status in rural and suburban areas, to promote general health and support individual’s health and wellness goals.

    ASK 4 Care will work in three areas of North Carolina (rural, suburban, and urban) to provide HIV testing and, get people who are positive into care, and help clients who are currently accessing care to optimize their care. The target population is those who are newly diagnosed, are struggling to remain in care, those in care but not adhering to their medications, as well as clients who struggle to prioritize their health care based on their life circumstances.

    • Principal Investigator: Sara Legrand

    • CHPIR Staff: Kimberly Walker, Beth Stringfield, and Carla Mena

    • Funder: Kaiser Permanente Community Benefits through the East Bay Community Fund
    • Project Dates: 1/1/14 – 12/31/15 with a no-cost extension through 12/31/16