Genevieve Hunter

    • Position: Principal Investigator
    • Education: MSEd, Human Sexuality Education, University of Pennsylvania, 1996; BA, Journalism, Temple University, 1992

    Genevieve (GV or G) Hunter is a Sexuality Educator with almost 30 years of experience and hails from Philadelphia, PA. Genevieve’s work at Duke began 17 years ago at a rural Duke HIV Clinic. Initially, she worked as an Outreach Coordinator, working with people living with HIV (PLWH), in Vance County, NC. In 2006, Genevieve joined the former Health Inequalities Program (HIP) at Duke, before it became the Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research (CHPIR). Genevieve worked as an Outreach Specialist on a SAMHSA project for people who were triply diagnosed with HIV, mental illness and substance abuse. Throughout her time with CHPIR, Genevieve has collaborated on multiple projects including: the AIDS Education and Training Center, the HRSA SPNS Regional Health Information Integration Project, the Clergy Health Initiative, the Duke Health Justice Clinic and the Southern HIV/AIDS Strategy Initiative. Genevieve has also served for many years on various Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committees with CHPIR. She presently serves on the Equity and Inclusion Task Force at Duke Global Health Institute.

    Since 2011, Genevieve has been the lead staff on the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI) in Craven County, North Carolina. In May 2022, Genevieve became the Principal Investigator of both NC DHHS, TPPI, Personal Responsibility Education Program grants at CHPIR.  Genevieve teaches sexuality education and related topics and works remotely in New Bern, NC. She also works closely with the CHPIR team in Durham. Genevieve is passionate about working with adolescents and loves teaching about sexual health and wellness. Her work goals include gaining health equity for marginalized youth, who are enrolled in the Duke Teen Health Club, as well as empowering all youth to have agency over their bodies and their health.

    Genevieve’s research interests include:  human sexuality, sex education, pleasure and well-being in sex education, gender, LGBTQIA+, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion in sex education and research. Genevieve is the Managing PI working with Dr. Sara Legrand, PI, at Duke University and with researchers from around the country on new sexual pleasure research for emerging adults. The team plans to survey emerging adults, ages 18-29, about their sexual experiences in relation to issues of communication, consent, gender identity and sexual orientation in Fall 2022/Spring 2023.

    Genevieve is excited for the 2023 release of a new book about sexuality education research, in which she co-wrote a chapter with her colleagues from across the United States and with whom she is has been collaborating with on sexual pleasure research for the past five years. The chapter title is, An Examination of the Current State of Sexual Pleasure Education and Research in the United States, from the book Sex Education Research:  A Look Between the Sheets, William J. Taverner, Editor, Routledge, 2023.

    In Genevieve’s free time she enjoys eating great food and listening to music with family, friends and being in nature in the beautiful “Town by the Sea,” Beaufort, NC. She lives with her husband, Trey, their dogs, Sage and Summer, and kitty, Midnight. G is also step-Mom to two wonderful adult children, Caitlin and Chad.