Prepared, Protected, emPowered (P3): A PrEP Adherence App for YMSM

  • Our research objective is to analyze experiences of multiple stigmas as described and discussed by YBMSM on an online intervention platform and to assess the pathways through which this mode of online social support could mitigate the impact of multiple stigmas on HIV-related outcomes. YBMSM’s high access to and use of social networking sites on the internet and on mobile phones emphasizes the relevance of using these technologies for interventions. The research is innovative in utilizing a unique opportunity to examine how stigma experiences are shared among YBMSM in an online intervention and assessing whether this mode of social support can ameliorate the negative impacts of multiple stigmas on HIV risk behaviors.

    • Investigator: Sara Legrand

    • Partner: UNC at Chapel Hill
    • Funder: National Institute of Health / National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Duke Subaward from UNC and Emory
    • Project Dates: 7/1/17 - 6/30/21