Qualified Health Plan (QHP) Study

  • The Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation (CHLPI) has monitored trends in state Marketplaces for the past two years of open enrollment. CHLPI is increasingly alarmed by lower rates of coverage of necessary HIV and HCV treatment regimens concurrent with increased cost sharing for those regimens that are covered, especially in the Silver Qualified Health Plan (QHP) offerings across the nation. This is alarming because these plans are meant to be the most cost-effective Marketplace plans for low and moderate income consumers. The QHPs’ failure to meet the needs of consumers living with HIV and HCV mean that these individuals are prevented from realizing the promises of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).To further define the extent of the problem, CHLPI is partnering with state based advocates to analyze all of the 2016 Silver QHPs available on 20 state Marketplaces. The assessment initiative will help to provide specific, detailed information on the QHPs offerings in these states. This report is one of the many analyses that will be products of the 2016 plan assessment initiative.

    In addition, CHLPI will go beyond documenting HIV treatment coverage trends by partnering with state based advocates to engage state Department of Insurance Commissioners to address ongoing unfair and discriminatory practices in Silver QHPs. If necessary, CHLPI and its state based partners are prepared to launch a litigation initiative, based in part on the newly created private right of action found under the anti-discrimination regulations of the ACA to ensure that the alarming trends found in 2015 and continued into 2016 do not become the norm in 2017 and onwards. The promise of the ACA must become a reality for people living with HIV and HCV. The Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research will conduct the analysis of the Qualified Health Centers.

    • Principal Investigator: Susan Reif

    • Funder: Grant to Harvard University from Gilead, subaward to Duke
    • Project Dates: 11/1/03 - 1/31/17