Transforming and Sustaining: Teacher Wellbeing

  • This research project will have a two-fold approach that includes 1) a literature synthesis and 2) an original case study project. Our partners, WISE and The Wellbeing Project seek a literature synthesis to articulate the need for promoting wellbeing in teachers, to surface the range of wellbeing supports for teachers, and to determine if there is a relationship between teacher wellbeing and student outcomes in wellbeing and learning. In addition, there will be a component of original data collection through case studies in multiple countries (Qatar, Kenya, and Cambodia). The local in-country research staff will identify 6 high-performing schools from both low- and high-resource contexts, and will collect data from multiple sources (e.g. teachers, principals, and education policymakers) about teacher wellbeing. Our guiding research questions are as follows:

    1. What national and state policies and local educational structures are consistent with teachers with strong wellbeing?
    2. What processes, both inside and outside of work, do teachers attribute to their wellbeing?
    3. Is there a relationship between teachers’ experience and their wellbeing, including less burnout?
    4. What link, if any, do teachers and education administrators see between teacher wellbeing and student wellbeing and learning outcomes?
    5. What teacher characteristics and behaviors do students consider motivational to their learning?
    6. What interventions promote teacher and student wellbeing?

    With this study’s findings, we plan to gather best practices and ideas for interventions to promote teacher wellbeing and will disseminate the findings to key stakeholders interested in teacher wellbeing.

    • Principal Investigator(s): Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell, PhD, Kathryn Whetten, PhD

    • CHPIR Staff: Hy Huynh, PhD, Sohail Mujahid, PhD, Alexa Namestnik

    • Partners:

      • Ahmed Bagdhady, PhD & Maryam S. Al-Khalaf - Qatar Foundation - WISE

      • Cyrilla Amanya - ACE Africa - Kenya

      • Vanroth Vann - Development for Cambodian Children

      • The Wellbeing Project

    • Funder: Qatar Foundation - World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)
    • Project Dates: 09/20 - 09/21