2012 Accomplishments: NC Community AIDS Fund (NCCAF)

CHPIR has continued its collaboration with the North Carolina Community AIDS Fund (NCCAF) in order to provide a statewide approach to HIV. In partnership with the Charles M. and Mary D. Grant Foundation, Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, ViiV Healthcare Positive Action, RTI International, and AIDS United, the NCCAF project increases the capacity of communities serving and ameliorating the health of people living with and at risk of contracting HIV throughout North Carolina.

In 2012, NCCAF raised over $180,000, bringing in four new funders as Kimberly Walker and Dana Mangum transitioned NCCAF from Duke to its new convener, Triangle Community Foundation. Utilizing multiple communications channels, the NCCAF team extended its influence throughout North Carolina by participating in the Women of Color and NC Governors Conference for Women.

Ms. Mangum, NCCAF’s Program Coordinator, provided Business Planning services to Carolina Care Partnership (Charlotte) and Alliance of AIDS Services-Carolina (Durham/Raleigh). Dana also became a participant on a NC telemedicine project team and was granted $10,000 to continue with the 2013 telemedicine work for a HIV telemedicine pilot project. Additionally, NCCAF’s third-year AmeriCorps team, who were placed within the HIV/AIDS community, completed their assignments in 2012.

NCCAF was the NC host agency for AIDS United AmeriCorps members for 3 years.  The group that won the Telly Award were members from the 2012-2013 membership.  LIVING +  (click on the link to watch the video) was a result of the their required end-of-year project.  As a host agency, NCCAF selects, places and monitors members placed at organizations that focus on HIV/AIDS-related work in NC. To learn more about the short film, LIVING +, please click here.




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