DGHI Black History Month 2021

Happy Black History Month! Duke’s Global Health Institute’s CDI committee created a calendar of fun, informative, and interactive suggestions to do over the next 28-days to acknowledge Black and African American History.

Here are event and resource links for all 28 days.

February 1Feb 1 Event "Racism, Medicine, And Anthropology" hosted by Duke's Department of Cultural Anthropology. Link
February 2Purchase one children’s book that includes Black characters or author. Link
February 3Watch this 7-minute TED Talk "Black History is American History" by Okalani Dawkins Link
February 4Watch this 20-minute TED Talk by Ruby Sales on "How we can start to heal the pain of racial division" Link
February 5 Have a conversation with a friend about race in your hometown
February 6Have a conversation with a family member about a Black hero
February 7 Complete this Black History Month word search. Link
February 8 Get free Black History Flash Cards. Link
February 9Color one of the attached coloring sheets. Can be done with family and friends. Share photo to Maya Stephens and Mary Brophy Marcus to be posted on the DGHI instagram
February 10Feb 10 event "White Noise, Inside the Racist Right | Film Screening & Discussion" Panel Discussion 4-5:30pmLink to Register
February 11Buy a book from a black-owned bookstore, such as Loyalty Books in Philly
February 12Support a Black artist (local Black artist), ex.gardenofjourney.com by Georgie Nakima (New
February 13Watch a film/show by a Black director, such as Spike Lee, Ava DuVernay, John Singleton, Jordan Peele
February 14Valentine's Day: Write a love letter to yourself
February 15Read a research article or journal pertaining to BIPOC communities
February 16Watch an episode of "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr." featuring an African-
American/Black person. Link
February 17Order and read "Me and White Supremacy (Dismantling Racism) or another book listed on DGHI site. Link
February 18Watch Youtube video "A Call to Men" by Tony Porter. Link
February 19Listen to a Black podcast, such as The Read, Code Switch, 2 Dope Queens, Zora's Daughters Link
February 20Watch film "Durham: A Self Portrait" Link
February 21Watch “Just Mercy". Available on Hulu, HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video.
February 22Listen to music by a Black musician, Aretha, Billie, Louis, Etta, Marvin, Prince, Jimi, Miles, Amos Lee, in the background today, including jazz
February 23Support a local Black-owned business. Link to some in
February 24Learn about a topic that includes the intersection of race, such as sexuality, religion, education, etc
February 25Take a deep breath
February 26Listen to this Motown playlist in the background today. Link
February 27Read an article or blog listed as a resource on DGHI website. Link
February 28Write down one way you can contribute to a more equitable society


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