Positive Charge Initiative (PCI)

2012 Accomplishments for Positive Charge Initiative (PCI)

The North Carolina Positive Charge Initiative (PCI) at CHPIR is working with partners in three areas of the state representing the diversity of our communities, agencies, and populations. Teams of Access Coordinators (trained peers) with the Hertford County Public Health Authority, Partners In Caring, and the Mecklenburg County Health Department are conducting outreach in the community targeting those who are not engaged in the HIV service system.

In 2012, through these partnerships, PCI connected over 200 clients with HIV to Access Coordinators, who helped these clients participate in new and/or sustain existing HIV medical care. In each PCI region of the state three Access Coordinators lead HIV support groups, often providing the only HIV-specific support group in their respective region. Moreover, these Access Coordinators led and/or participated in multiple community HIV education and testing events, including events in rural Hertford and Elizabeth City, suburban Wilmington area and Charlotte. Attended by general community members, service providers, PLWHAs, educators, and elected officials, these successful even were made possible through PCI’s important partnerships with the NAACP, faith-based communities, and local health departments. In this process, Access Coordinators enhanced their presentation skills, ability to successfully work with clients, develop Self-Care Planning tools, in addition to learning modules for AC skills.

CHPIR’s staff promoted PCI’s work by creating a new website (www.accesstocarenc.org), which serves as hub for knowledge and community-based resources on HIV/AIDS with STD fact sheets and HIV Bingo to name two. Moreover, CHPIR’s efforts also produced in a detailed poster that compares the health outcomes among HIV-infected persons in both rural and urban settings in the southeastern USA following the implementation of access-to-care interventions, which featured at the 2012 International AIDs Conference. Additionally, Beth Stringfield, a CHPIR project coordinator, participated in a panel discussion entitled, “Strategies on the Ground to Turn the Tide on Improving Access to Care in the U.S”

Publications and Presentations

  •  B. Stringfield, K. Walker, S.N. Tchwenko. “A rural-urban comparison of outcomes following implementation of an access to care initiative for HIV-infected persons in southeastern U.S.A.” Presented at 2012 International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C. (July 2012).
  • Beth Stringfield, CHPIR Program Coordinator, participated in a panel discussion on “Strategies on the Ground to Turn the Tide on Improving Access to Care in the U.S.” 2012 International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C. (July 2012).

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